Thursday, July 26, 2007

Guerrilla marketing

Between classes, lately, I've been hopping over to the school computer labs to take care of quick business on Wikipedia -- clearing AIV, skimming the noticeboards, answering a few unblock requests, and so on. Welcomed a number of people who'd edited the introduction page, today.

Getting on to the point, I've made it a habit to clear all my cookies and leave the browser window open on Main Page, when I leave for my next class. Nothing major, but I figure it's a harmless way to let people know we're out there. Been doing it for a few weeks, now.

So, today, I wandered over to the library after getting out of comsci early. Wound up getting the same machine. As I was logging in, I noticed the college's IP had some new messages, turned out it had been blocked after a little vandalism spree. Browser history was revealing.


Perhaps it's time for me to put more work into those talking points I've been musing over. It's amazing, the things some friends have told me when I casually drop that I'm active on the project.

I've done some tabling, before, usually for speech classes; it'd be interesting to really get out there to promote something I'm deeply committed to, in time and philosophy. Shame I'll be leaving the SF area, soon, or I might put more effort into getting involved with the fine group of Wikipedians out there. Time will tell what I find up north.

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Masamune said...

Hey Luna! I'm not a Wikipedian editor, but I use Wikipedia as a point of reference. I think you're pretty cool, and let's just say that if it weren't for you, there might be graffiti on the WikiGlobe, if you know what I mean. So let's consider this an unofficial anti-vandalism barnstar, just because I can't stand it when vandals damage the site.