Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stuff in a box

I've had this box of stuff in my room, for quite some time. Decided it was finally time to clean it out, and either put it to better use or get rid of it. Since poking through somebody's clutter can sometimes be interesting, here's the breakdown:

  1. Plastic bag. Fry's Electronics. Empty. Useful as trash bag.
  2. Old newspaper with good editorial about supporting troops, new/old sentimentalism. Kept column, recycled rest.
  3. Plastic pencil box. Empty. Set aside for later use.
  4. Old BSA handbook. Think it was mine, before the re-issue.
  5. Old photos, looks like prom.
  6. Spanish-English pocket dictionary. Random junk and receipts.
  7. HOW TO BUY SURPLUS, from the United States Department of Defense.
  8. AC Adapter for _____???
  9. Two tickets for Mission: Impossible 3.
  10. A bunch of receipts, notes to self, old work schedule. Includes: written copy of "Zed's dead" dialogue from Pulp Fiction.
  11. Blockbuster membership card. Not mine.
  12. Dorky green/white argyle bracelet. Got it at Old Navy on going-going-gone sale for $1, IIRC.
  13. Fortune cookie fortunes. (1) You will soon gain something you have always wanted. (2) Stop looking and you will find what you seek. (3) Promote literacy. Buy a box of fortune cookies today.
  14. Coins. Lots of them.
  15. Christs card from Eric. Inspire me to change my Livewire avatar to a THWOMP.
  16. Movie ticket. Da Vinci Code.
  17. Hello Kitty coloring book and stickers (long story)
  18. Broken watch. Feminine strap, analog display. Never found out who owned it.
  19. One of those little birdy things that balances on a peg. *So cool*
  20. Bank statement. Opened but not filed.
  21. Local leisure services folder. Filled with papers relating to Eagle Court. Not my Eagle Court. Doesn't appear to be my folder.
  22. American Eagle bag. Filled with junk mail I never got around the shredding.
  23. ONE DOLLAR. Woohoo!
  24. Old newspapers. One from high school, "Elections take place." One from college, "Fields beyond repair."
  25. The Teeth of the Tiger, by Tom Clancy.
  26. Vampire Hunter D: The Stuff of Dreams, by Hideyuki Kikuchi
  27. Coin jar. Was empty, now filled with coins (item 14)
  28. Base for wireless phone. Broken. Headset nowhere in sight.
  29. Pluto plushie. Probably from Draven.
  30. CD player. Broken.
  31. Picture of old co-worker, with boyfriend. Guess I'll keep that.
  32. Movie tickets. Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter 4 (Goblet of Fire..?)
  33. Old ID card (pre-driver's license).
  34. Movie tickets: Inside Man, Kill Bill Vol. 2
  35. Original iPod case.
  37. A clothes pin?
  38. Aeropostale bag. Nearly empty. Old gel pen inside, the kind I favored in middle school.
  39. Another old bag. Looks like I cleared out my car and shoved stuff in here. (1) Old candy, ew. (2) Receipts. (3) Old writing notebook. (4) Several Eagle court programs. (5) College tuition receipt. (6) Folded heart-shaped wuv note. (7) Car number sign from mechanic. (8) Another pen.
  40. Movie ticket, Serenity.
  41. Parking permit, Big Basin Redwoods State Park.
  42. Stuffed hippo. Gift from Emerald or Lisa, I forget which.
  43. Computer speakers.
  44. Some no-name security package that came with my laptop. Never installed. Laptop was already a good deal, and it happened to be included. Meh.
  45. Windex?
  46. "Got Milk?" chocolates tin. Probably kept because I thought it was "cool."
  47. More clothespins?
  48. Six feet of mesh rope.
  49. Old AT-AT toy. Turret missing. Both legs somehow still attached, despite years in box.
  50. Disposable camera. Probably from New York trip.
  51. Trophy! (seriously)
  52. Garish tour backpack, from New York trip. Last used while camping. Mostly empty, but not quite. (1) Plastic trash bag in side pouch. (2) Two glowsticks attached to outside. (3) Camp feedback sheet. Shouldn't they have that? (4) Backup physical form. (5) Set of assorted useful sharp things, etc. (6) Complete set of Scrabble tiles, stands, and board. (7) Hat. (8) Cup.
  53. Collector's coin. Or something.
  54. About eight feet of nylon cord.
  55. Old personal organizer. Pages removed, but never refilled. Since replaced with newer ones.
  56. Old toy. Either Gobots or Transformers. Happy, if vague, memory/feeling.

And that's it! Quick trip down memory lane, one box cleaner. Truth be told, I'm probably keeping a log of this mainly so I don't feel like I'm throwing away memories.

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Can I have the little birdy thing?